A Really Crappy Post

​This is a crappy post…

I’m not exactly sure why I took a photo of this but I did.

 It seems our dear dog, Suzie (our Aussie/Shih Tzu mix), has a hidden talent.

She expresses herself artistically and uses what we fondly call “The Poop Deck” as her canvas. 

We discovered her recent creation today… a delicately sculpted poopman  (like a snowman, but far more disgusting). 

 I have now shared it with the world.
 Do you think it will sell?

About Christina K

Woman. Wife. Mompreneur. Empowerment Coach. Home Educator. Essential Oil Educator. Book and Tea enthusiast.
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2 Responses to A Really Crappy Post

  1. Hahaha I can’t stop laughing! Only a dog lover would understand this? Hats off to you for posting about poop:)

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