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They Reach for the Stars

I love homeschooling. We’ve been doing it for about 18 years. Is it “easy”? Not, necessarily. Although it’s not as difficult as one might think. Do we do it perfectly after 18 years? Bwa ha ha. No way. Seasons in … Continue reading

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When Grief is Hard to Bear…

 A couple of weeks ago was the two year anniversary of Mama’s passing. A couple of weeks before that, was the one year anniversary of Daddy’s. The day before the anniversary of when Mama left (what is that day called … Continue reading

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A Really Crappy Post

​This is a crappy post… I’m not exactly sure why I took a photo of this but I did.  It seems our dear dog, Suzie (our Aussie/Shih Tzu mix), has a hidden talent. She expresses herself artistically and uses what … Continue reading

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First Childhood Break

This past weekend we experienced the first childhood “break” in our family when our youngest (age 12) broke her toe in the swimming pool. After a couple of hours in the ER (and her first x-ray), we left with taped … Continue reading

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10 Steps to Successful Homeschooling

I was recently visiting some of my old blogs and perusing past posts and I came across this post that I wrote (years ago). I originally wrote it for a homeschool newsletter I had started, then posted it on my … Continue reading

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Know Yourself

  “… the mistakes we make in life, the sins that we commit, are not born in a vacuum. They stem from deep roots, so if we are to confess and make a real change in our lives, it’s not … Continue reading

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Forever Young: In Memory of My Parents and a Message from Their Hearts

We just never really know what curve balls will be thrown at us in life. Like the curve ball of losing your mama… and 11 months later, losing your dad. I am often perplexed with the question, “What the heck … Continue reading

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