First Childhood Break

This past weekend we experienced the first childhood “break” in our family when our youngest (age 12) broke her toe in the swimming pool.
After a couple of hours in the ER (and her first x-ray), we left with taped toes and an unfashionable shoe.



She has been such a trooper! šŸ™‚
Being the first child to break a bone in the family, she merited a reward…

so we gave her one…



The 1st child to break a bone award goes to…



So far, we’ve been able to keep the “owies” at bay using this blend…


4 to 6 weeks of taped toes and crutches.
What a champ!


YeHoVaH Rapha (my Healer) – “I am YHVH Who heals you.” – Shemoth (Exodus) 15:26

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