I began blogging about 13 years ago – when dial-up was cool (was it ever, really?).
It could go without saying (but it won’t) that a lot can happen and change in a person’s life during that period of time… and it did.

After years of blogging (fairly faithfully, and about only a few specific areas of my life), followed by years of very sporadic blogging (at a completely different blog and mostly about a different, specific aspect of my life), I’m finally ready (I hope) to settle down to a new, well-rounded blog.

I’m not who I was. I don’t know who I’ll be. But I’m learning who I am.

I want to be raw. I want to be real. So here I am.

Ready for a well-rounded blog… sharing happenings and interests in my life.
My name is Christina. I chronicle.


5 Responses to About

  1. Deborah Rood Schwab says:

    May YAH bless you as you help to encourage others toward the truth. My brother has an international ministry and has been teaching us for many years to seek the truth. He would be encouraged by your walk in the TRUTH.

  2. Jodi Lindley says:

    Hi thanks so much .it’s a blessing to find you how do I follow your blog.

  3. Christina K says:

    Hi Jodi! 🙂 To the right, in the sidebar, there is a narrow blue rectangle that says “Follow Christina Chronicles” if you have an account with WordPress. Below that is an option to “Like” this blog on Facebook, where I share when I make a post. And below that there is an option to “Follow via Email”. Hope that helps!

  4. newsscooper says:

    May we have permission to make a video out of your Easter apologetic? Our youtube site is: http://www.youtube.com/cleantvcom
    Thanks. –Jerry

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