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There are moments, days, weeks, and seasons that sometimes seem harder than others. As I was packing boxes today and struggling with being frustrated how the whole process of moving doesn’t seem to be working out well, this song popped … Continue reading

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Pardon Me, Is That Bone Broth in Your Wine Glass?

Why, yes. Yes, that is bone broth in my wine glass. In fact, I’m sipping that glass of yummy goodness while I sit here posting about it. It’s fresh, warm, and, oh, so aromatic with a rich, healing and delicious … Continue reading

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Was the Sabbath Really Changed?

Ever REALLY looked into how, when, or IF the Sabbath was really changed? There, actually, is not one Scripture verse in the Bible that says anyone changed the Sabbath to Sunday. Just because we have heard something all of our … Continue reading

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When Mama Left

I’ve wanted to write about this for almost 3 months now. But I didn’t know what to say. And I still do not. It’s hard to believe that much time has already passed… and, yet, in some ways it seems … Continue reading

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