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It’s Who You Still Are

I love music. All kinds, really. Music that tells a story from past to present to future. Music that resonates with my life experiences… or my current circumstances… or my dreams, goals, passions, plans… Our daughters shared this song with … Continue reading

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This is a photo of our children, 3 years ago today, in, what we called at the time, the “infirmary”. This is, also, when we first began using essential oils to promote and support wellness in our home. And it … Continue reading

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A Little Encouragement in the Homeschool Department… and Child Directed Learning

I came across the following article/interview today that gained a little headline attention. It is about a homeschooling family of 12. The headline? How We Got Our Kids in College By Age 12 To some, this may seem very impressive. … Continue reading

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Why I Keep the Seventh Day Sabbath

Yep — ¬† I keep the seventh day Sabbath. It has nothing to do with denomination – it has everything to do with Who I worship and what He desires. Here are the reasons why I keep – guard and … Continue reading

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