This is a photo of our children, 3 years ago today,
in, what we called at the time, the “infirmary”.
This is, also, when we first began using essential oils
to promote and support wellness in our home.
And it has REVOLUTIONIZED our lives –
physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and more!

We are so thankful that these Gifts of the Earth
came into our lives… and for the person
that helped us get on this amazing path!

If this is a path that YOU are interested in,
I invite you to message me. My passion truly is
to help empower others in their journey of life…
just like someone did for me.

It IS worth it. YOU are worth it.



About Christina K

Woman. Wife. Mompreneur. Empowerment Coach. Home Educator. Essential Oil Educator. Book and Tea enthusiast.
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4 Responses to Wellnessversary

  1. eoaddict says:

    I agree essential oils are amazing!

  2. Caroline says:

    I would love to use oils but wouldn’t know where to start…

    • Christina K says:

      Hi Caroline, It is wonderful that you are open to using essential oils! I totally understand about not being sure where to start. It is part of my passion and purpose to help others in their journey and, if you are open to learning more, I would love to help! I love to support people via email, phone, online classes, in person, and more… whatever works best for you. If you are open to me sending you a sample and information, please email me at christina.itisyourlife(at)gmail(dot)com

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