Forever Young: In Memory of My Parents and a Message from Their Hearts

We just never really know what curve balls will be thrown at us in life.

Like the curve ball of losing your mama… and 11 months later, losing your dad.

I am often perplexed with the question, “What the heck happened?”

I was close to my parents… even when we were far away, we were close. And losing them has left such a penetrating void in my life. It is something that is never “recovered from” and will always be a reality that I wake up to each day to face again and again. Don’t get me wrong, we are so thankful for the time we had with them, the memories we have, the legacy they left… and life does, in fact, go on… but every day… it does go on without them.

One thing that is missed so dearly is being able to hear their voices… especially their words of experience, encouragement, wisdom, and love.

Though I will not hear those words from their own lips again, in this life, I often hear or read words of others that speak the heart of Mama and Daddy.

Most recently, I heard a song that struck the chords of my heart. Daddy was a singer… and Mama sang to us as children, even though she never considered herself a “singer”… their voices were beautiful to hear.

When I heard this song, I could hear them singing it to me… to my siblings… to my children… to their whole family…

so we did what we could to make that as possible as is possible.

We made this video… in memory of Mama and Daddy…

May their legacy live on… May they and may we stay… forever young…




About Christina K

Woman. Wife. Mompreneur. Empowerment Coach. Home Educator. Essential Oil Educator. Book and Tea enthusiast.
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