Daily Workout

daily workout

Wine bag I found at a local store!


Once upon a time,
I had never even tasted wine.

And once upon a time,
I believed it sin to do so.

Then once upon a time,
my eyes were opened and my paradigm shifted away from the doctrine of men that wine/alcohol was ‘bad’.

And now, once upon a week
(or more or less),
I freely and gladly enjoy
the fruit of the vine.



I’m not advocating alcoholism, nor am I promoting a glass of wine
with every meal (to each his own).
Know your own self and make wise and profitable choices
for the good of those in your life.
However, do not remain oppressed by doctrines, traditions and theologies of men.

Yes, yes, the Truth will make you free. So seek the Truth. Be set free.
And daily workout your liberty.

~ Christina

About Christina K

Woman. Wife. Mompreneur. Empowerment Coach. Home Educator. Essential Oil Educator. Book and Tea enthusiast.
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1 Response to Daily Workout

  1. danielzrib says:

    Once upon a time I believed it was a sin, too, but not anymore! I still have never tasted wine, but it gives me no sense of “righteousness” to say so. Hubby won’t have it in the house, so I defer to him. But I’m glad you enjoy it once upon a week (more or less). 🙂

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