A Doctor Appointment I Look Forward To!


There are few things in the entertainment industry that I get downright excited about. Aside from Jane Austen flicks –  Doctor Who is my fandom. Yes, the geeky, sci-fi show my daddy made me watch as a kid (and which I couldn’t stand at the time), has become my all-time favorite show! It quite happened by accident… but it did, indeed, happen.
And I am hooked.

That being said — Over 10 years ago, we removed cable (and all television channels) from our home, so we have been enjoying the seasons of Doctor Who via Netflix.
On Saturday, it was the show’s 50th year anniversary(!) and they aired their very special episode “The Day of the Doctor“!
We did not get to enjoy it with the MILLIONS (yes, millions!) of other viewers that tuned in – – BUT, that’s okay… because tonight we are heading to our local theater to watch it in 3D!! Woot! We’ve been awaiting this day for a long time! And we’re ready to dress in our geek garb and attend our Doctor appointment tonight!!!
*insert school girl giggle squeal*


The ONLY Doctor appointment that makes me smile!


The Day of the Doctor in 3D theaters was fantastically epic!!

Dressed in our geek garb

Dressed in our geek garb

Just a little weirdness... runs in the family

Just a little weirdness… runs in the family

Ready for the Doctor Who epic event :)

Ready for the Doctor Who epic event 🙂

Ah – let your geek out!

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7 Responses to A Doctor Appointment I Look Forward To!

  1. carandrew says:

    This cracks me up. I have not ever seen the show, but my sister-in-law us a die hard fan of it just like you. Have fun tonight!

  2. Missy says:

    My husband was a huge fan of Dr. Who. We were excited (or he was) when they brought it back, but the new episodes are full of homosexuality which is a big dissapointment, so we won’t watch the new shows.

  3. Kym says:

    Okay, 1. I LOVE IT!! 2. I am totally, totally jealous that you got to see this in the theater. We watched it at home. It did not disappoint, I laughed and cried it was fantastic.

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