Season of Reflection and Repentance


As we draw closer to the fall feasts (moedim – Appointed Times) of the Father,
we embrace a season of reflection and repentance…
a time to prepare the Bride to get ready to meet her Bridegroom and King.

I thought this a beautiful description…

“The season turns, and we welcome the new month of Elul.
Elul offers a loving vessel
In which to reflect on the year that has been
And prepare for what can be.
In Elul, God, the Mystery, appears as the Beloved
Calling us to return:
To return to our truths
To return to our dreams
To return to what we most love and value.

The heart cries, sensing its brokenness.
The soul yearns, seeking lost connections

And the One continually calls:
You are completely and absolutely loved.
Return to me.
You are completely and absolutely loved.

During this (season) may we imagine — may we know —
we are loved completely for who we are,
and may this love help inspire and direct
our reflection and action.”

found here

May Abba bless His Bride with teshuvah.

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  1. gunnel62 says:

    Tack och var välsignad!

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