As Sand in an Hourglass… So is Life


How does a whole month pass by so quickly? … like sand in an hour glass?
Sometimes it’s like I look away for a second and when I look back, I discover more time had passed than a mere second. Life truly is a vapor.

The month of June was eventful to be sure…

I celebrated my 39th birthday… the first one without Mama.
I passed on the traditional birthday cake and went for something much better…
something that celebrates life and supports future life…
and delicious, of course.

Raw fruit birthday cake

Raw fruit birthday cake

I, also, enjoyed a meal of salmon on salad
and some breakfast wine with a dear friend.

Healthy food & healthy fellowship are a blessing

Healthy food & healthy fellowship are a blessing

This was a sweet, funny and completely appropriate gift from my family…

Our eldest took me to Busch Gardens for their Food & Wine Festival…
A whole day of international cuisine and wine … awesome!

I, also, got a pair of some favorite shoes…
which I haven’t owned since I was a teenager…
I thank Doctor Who for this renewed obsession.

Our Suzie (aussie and shih-tzu mix) got a summer haircut…

And our youngest ‘baby’ opted to have her first salon haircut
instead of having me cut it at home… which was fine… but bittersweet šŸ™‚

Hubby got the opposite of a haircut…
In his newly found retirement from the Marine Corps,
he has grown some of his hair out…
including a very attractive beard…

This month, we enjoyed our first homeschool bowling day
with local homeschoolers…

We, also, had a wonderful time at our congregations first Hebraic Dance Camp!
I meant to get photos… but I was way too busy dancing!

It was, also, another month filled with the 3 D’s…
Dialysis, dentist, and doctor appointments with Dad.
Those keep us busy…
but I sure am thankful for the time spent with him.

I, also, taught a few classes about essential oil healthcare
and one of them was at a lovely Turkish restaurant…
The food was amazing!

I love mixing business and pleasure…
especially at home…

I love being a work at home mom

I love being a work at home mom


I, also, spent some well-needed time in the early morning
just listening… and getting reconnected with The Mystery…


In the busyness & chaos of life, don't forget to look up

In the busyness & chaos of life,
don’t forget to look up

I remembered and was reassured…

Here’s to the time that passes… that is part of the journey of who we are
and who we are becoming… filled with so many moments, people, and things
that we have to be thankful for.

May we have eyes that see and ears that hear
and hearts that overflow with gratitude.

About Christina K

Woman. Wife. Mompreneur. Empowerment Coach. Home Educator. Essential Oil Educator. Book and Tea enthusiast.
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