Forever Young: In Memory of My Parents and a Message from Their Hearts

We just never really know what curve balls will be thrown at us in life.

Like the curve ball of losing your mama… and 11 months later, losing your dad.

I am often perplexed with the question, “What the heck happened?”

I was close to my parents… even when we were far away, we were close. And losing them has left such a penetrating void in my life. It is something that is never “recovered from” and will always be a reality that I wake up to each day to face again and again. Don’t get me wrong, we are so thankful for the time we had with them, the memories we have, the legacy they left… and life does, in fact, go on… but every day… it does go on without them.

One thing that is missed so dearly is being able to hear their voices… especially their words of experience, encouragement, wisdom, and love.

Though I will not hear those words from their own lips again, in this life, I often hear or read words of others that speak the heart of Mama and Daddy.

Most recently, I heard a song that struck the chords of my heart. Daddy was a singer… and Mama sang to us as children, even though she never considered herself a “singer”… their voices were beautiful to hear.

When I heard this song, I could hear them singing it to me… to my siblings… to my children… to their whole family…

so we did what we could to make that as possible as is possible.

We made this video… in memory of Mama and Daddy…

May their legacy live on… May they and may we stay… forever young…




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Resources for Passover

Passover – Pesach – is soon approaching
and we are very excited!

… this day shall become to you a remembrance. And you shall observe it as a festival to {YHVH} יהוה throughout your generations – observe it as a festival, an everlasting law.” – Exodus 12:14

Here are some of the resources
I have come across that can be useful
as we prepare for teaching and observing
this set-apart season to YeHoVaH.


Coloring fun:

Passover coloring pages

Passover coloring pages (in pdf)

More Passover coloring pages (in pdf)

More Pesach/Passover coloring pages

10 Plagues coloring page (in pdf)


Activities and crafts:

Passover Activities for Children – matzah cover, placemats, etc…

Ten Plague Masks – a craft idea (or can use paper plates)

Ten Plagues Placard craft: Part 1 and Part 2

Four Questions Book craft – If you desire to use “the 4 questions”

Ten Plagues illustration – Could attempt to draw/paint to depict the plagues

Passover Bag of Plagues – fun idea

Afikomen/Matzah Cover Tutorial – make your own matzah cover



Dayenu – traditional, fun Passover song (sang by our eldest and myself)

Passover Song – Yeshua, our Passover Lamb and remembrance of Him

The Pesach Song (We’re Leaving) – Beautiful song about leaving Egypt (physically/spiritually)



Passover Story – Beautiful recap of how The Almighty delivered His people (6 minutes)

Messiah in Passover – short video showing what Yeshua fulfilled in the Passover (4 minutes)

The Messiah – Prophecy Fulfilled – Movie showing how Yeshua fulfilled the Passover and how a Jewish man shares it with his family during their Passover observation. Longer but very good. (50 minutes)

Know Your Enemy (Part 12- The Plagues) – See how the plagues that YHVH brought upon Egypt targeted specific “gods” that they worshiped, showing His authority as the One True Elohim. Video is less than 8 minutes. Watch and connect some dots that maybe didn’t connect before.Very interesting.

Let My People Go! Passover/Pesach Skit – A skit we did with friends one year on Pesach 🙂

In the past, before we were led to other Believers that observe, we had not used a haggadah (traditional “telling”) for Passover, but had only had the three items mentioned in Scripture while reading the Scripture pertaining to them.

But having a Haggadah can be a great resource to see some of the beautiful symbolism in the tradition. If one desires to add some of the traditions and have a haggadah to print and use,
I have found this one to be a pretty good one.

You Shall Tell Your Children – Messianic Passover Haggadah (pdf format)


One last resource to share is the Let My People Go board game.
We have found this to be a delightful game to play as a family!
And the rhymes are very cute and catchy.
The game is a little difficult to find (about $15) but worth the buy if you can find it!

May your Pesach be blessed! As well as your preparation!

~ Christina

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Finally… A Field Trip

I cannot even begin to express how busy life seems to have been these past few years. But, in my efforts to truly slow down, I finally got around to taking us on a local field trip. I won’t mention how long it had been since our last one. Yeah… I won’t go there.

To help with my efforts in slowing down and being present, once again, I am trying to put my hand to the plough and begin blogging again. This will truly be a renewed developed discipline. In the past, blogging served as a wonderful way to journal … to share struggles, joys, lessons… life. I want that journal to look back on… as I do now with past posts from previous blogs. It’s good food for my soul. 🙂

My goal is to aim for consistency and not perfection. Just to be real and to show up.


Soooo… This week I planned to go on a field trip AND I followed through with it! Two points (or more) for me! 😉 We visited a local fort that was involved with much of our country’s history… Fort Monroe.

To get to the fort, we had to drive across a moat and go through a shared one-way opening through the fort walls… it was like the things of fairy tales and castles… we didn’t see any alligators, though… or mermaids (which was slightly disappointing)




We started our tour inside the fort, learning much about what the fort was used for and what was going on in our country during those times.


Learning about the cannons & cannon fire


It was interesting to learn that Edgar Allan Poe had spent some time at the fort…



Our Union soldier guide shared how his firearm worked



We entered a jail cell in the fort where Jackson Davis was imprisoned. The original flag was still hanging on the wall…



We, also, visit the chapel on grounds… which is still used today… Some of the stain-glass windows were made by Tiffany & Co.



We, also, toured the grounds and walked atop the fort walls…







Robert E. Lee and his wife stayed in these quarters…



I loved this view of the lighthouse from atop the fort wall…



Afterwards, we played at the park and around the grounds… It was a beautiful day!













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For the Fellow Chocolate Lover

It’s no secret that I love chocolate. Why should it be? Chocolate CAN be good for you – not to mention good for the people that live with me when I have some… but, then again, it is often in my best interest for them to have some, too!

We frequently experiment with smoothie concoctions. Some are great … others are great flops. Perhaps you understand what I mean and have had both in your kitchen.

Creating smoothies is a group effort in our kitchen. You just never know who is going to make one or what they’re going to make. It seems fair, though… You try my smoothie and I’ll try yours. We share in the enjoyment and delight… or we share in the expressions of cringing faces and a unanimous vote to not make THAT again. But they are shared moments… and those are the best kind!

Recently, our youngest (currently 12) created a chocolate concoction that has received expressions of “Mmmm” and licked lips… So we’ve been stuck on this smoothie for days. Why mess with a good thing, right?


In addition to chocolate, I like wine too… as you may have noticed 🙂

Well, in continuous efforts to step out of my comfort zones (a lifelong process, to be sure), I jumped stepped off of the proverbial cliff and used Periscope today to share how we make this Beloved Chocolate Concoction our daughter created.

If you’re on Periscope, you can find me at @itisyourlife

For those that prefer youtube, it’s found in the video below

If you try it, I’d love to know what you think. And I would love to hear what you put in your chocolate smoothies!


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Meet the Family

The other day our youngest daughter (12) was excited to show me what she had been working on that afternoon. I was excited to see.

She designed these craft sticks to depict our family… including our dog, Suzie.

Seriously… aren’t these adorable??




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It’s Who You Still Are

I love music. All kinds, really.

Music that tells a story from past to present to future.

Music that resonates with my life experiences… or my current circumstances… or my dreams, goals, passions, plans…

Our daughters shared this song with me last year (we’re a little “behind” on the music curve, as we went 15+ years of not listening to much music besides hymns and a small variety of very conservative music). I love to hear music that interests my children. I believe that hearing music that touches someone else can help us to understand who they are. … Try it sometime. 🙂

I love the words to this song.

She explains how, as a young girl, there were such dreams and aspirations… even to change the world. And how life circumstances can steer us away from those dreams… from our belief in ourselves, really.

It’s important to connect with who we were as a child… full of laughter, nothing to lose… young, free, and full of belief… to connect to that child-like faith.

To remember that our story is not over. We must dare to believe.

Because we CAN change this world.

May you be inspired to, once again, dream … and believe in yourself.

You’re still that same little girl… or boy…

Believe! ❤




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This is a photo of our children, 3 years ago today,
in, what we called at the time, the “infirmary”.
This is, also, when we first began using essential oils
to promote and support wellness in our home.
And it has REVOLUTIONIZED our lives –
physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and more!

We are so thankful that these Gifts of the Earth
came into our lives… and for the person
that helped us get on this amazing path!

If this is a path that YOU are interested in,
I invite you to message me. My passion truly is
to help empower others in their journey of life…
just like someone did for me.

It IS worth it. YOU are worth it.



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